Portland Timbers Player Muffs Free Kick, Drills Fan In The Head

It's been an eventful week or so in the world of Kansas City soccer. Last week, Kansas City Current midfielder Lo’eau LaBonta electrified the nation with her innovative pulled-hammy-into-a-twerk celebration.

Now, we've got a Sporting Kansas City fan taking a free kick to the noggin during a game against the Portland Timbers.

Late in the game, Timbers midfielder Bill Tuiloma was given a direct free kick. Tuiloma put some heat on it but sent the ball high and wide ... directly into the crowd.


First and foremost, according to an update from Sporting Kansas City, the fan suffered a concussion as well as a bruised retina and iris.

Never turn your back on a free kick.

Does Soccer Need Safety Nets? No, They Don't

It's always thrilling when a ball is going to come into the stands. Foul balls or even the odd PAT or field goal if they don't raise the net for whatever reason.

However, it seems weird — especially in our bubble-wrapped, overly-cautious society — that there's nothing to stop an MLS player from booting one right into the stands.

Then again we don't really need them because how many shot attempts are even made during your average soccer game?

In this instance — a 4-1 Kansas City win — there were 31 shots in 90 minutes. Of those, 14 were on net, while 3 more were blocked.

We can bet that most of the 14 remaining shots had no chance of making it into the stands. So is it worth installing safety nets for at most a handful of wayward shots?


If you're behind the net you've got to pay attention. Especially when there's a free kick incoming. I mean, they blow the whistle before that happens. You know it's coming. Everyone in the stadium knows it's coming.

Here's to a speedy recovery for that Sporting Kansas City fan, but if you're ever in her position, just pay attention to the field.

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