Piers Morgan Destroys Rep. Katie Porter Over Riley Gaines

Piers Morgan wasn't tolerating any nonsense about Riley Gaines from Congresswoman Katie Porter.

The pair appeared Friday night on "Real Time with Bill Maher," and the conversation pivoted to Gaines late in the episode.

The former D1 swimmer was attacked and harassed by a mob at San Francisco State University while speaking out in support of women's rights. Instead of everyone condemning the behavior of the unhinged mob, there has been a stunning amount of silence from the sports world and political leaders. Specifically, Nancy Pelosi ignored multiple requests for comment from OutKick.

Piers Morgan hammers Katie Porter over Riley Gaines remark.

Well, California Congresswoman took things a step further and essentially implied Riley Gaines is only speaking out because she wants attention.

"I think that what she has done is try to turn this — we talked about people becoming — using things to kind of get likes and get clicks," Porter stated as she stumbled to come up with a good answer to Morgan asking what she disagreed with Gaines on.

That went over about as well as you'd expect, and Piers Morgan quickly hit back with, "That's not what she's doing…All I’ve seen her do is stand up for women’s rights to fairness and equality. She actually competed against Lia Thomas and it was obviously unfair."

At one point during the exchange, Porter attempted to claim the former Kentucky star is only "speaking up for herself and that's her prerogative."

That's when Morgan hit her with the knockout blow of, "I think she's speaking up for pretty much every female athlete in the world." He also suggested having transgender people compete against their biological sex or creating a new category for transgender people.

You can watch a segment of the exchange below.

Morgan came out looking great against Katie Porter.

If you show that clip to 100 people, I think most rational people would say Piers Morgan came out the clear winner.

He asked a simple question: What has Riley Gaines specifically done that Katie Porter doesn't agree with?

The California Congresswoman couldn't answer. Instead, she just argued Gaines just wants attention. That's simply not true.

Riley Gaines has shown great courage in the face of appalling behavior. The former swimmer doesn't want men ruining and dominating women's sports. Her reward for that is having to deal with a lot of hate and in one instance, an enraged mob that turned violent.

Remember, the mob demanded money to let her go. How is that not being talked about more?

Props to Piers Morgan for not being afraid to also speak up. If you're interested in seeing more of the exchange, watch the whole episode. Katie Porter vs. Maher/Piers Morgan was something else.

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