Pete Rose Sends Letter To Rob Manfred Asking For Another Chance

Pete Rose has sent a letter to commissioner Rob Manfred to try to clear his name and allow him back into Major League Baseball's good graces.

Rose was dealt a lifetime ban for betting on games involving the Cincinnatti Reds, while he was playing for and managing the team.

But let's be honest: you already knew that.

Rose's ban has barred him from entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame, which he would have otherwise been inducted into by now.

Recently, news broke that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Rafael Palmeiro have been nominated for the Hall of Fame. All three of them have been accused of using steroids.

That was enough for Charlie Hustle to bust out his stationery.

In the words of Lloyd Christmas, "So you're telling me there's a chance..."

Rose Asked For Another Chance

In the letter obtained by TMZ Sports, Rose reiterates his remorse for bringing "shame to the sport we all love."

The Hit King discussed letting down both fans and his teammates for his actions."Despite my many mistakes, I am so proud of what I accomplished as a baseball player," Rose wrote in the letter's final paragraph.

"I am the Hit King and it is my dream to be considered for the Hall of Fame. Like all of us, I believe in accountability. I am 81 years old and know that I have been held accountable and that I hold myself accountable. I write now to ask for another chance."

It remains to be seen if the letter will have any effect on Rose's eligibility for the Hall of Fame.

For the 81-year-old should-be Hall of Famer, it was certainly worth a shot.

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