Penn State's Ginormous 280-Pound Kicker Signs NIL Deal That Allows Him To Devour Massive Sandwiches

Penn State specialist Gabriel Nwosu is a massive human being. He looks like he should be playing offensive line, but he is far from it.

Nwosu, a redshirt freshman, was rated a five-star kicker and punter recruit by Kohl's Kicking in the Class of 2021. The Maryland-native committed to the Nittany Lions over interest from William & Mary and Fordham, amongst others.

Listed at 6-foot-6, 278 pounds, Nwosu is a giant. Especially amongst the special teams group.

And the big fella can really boom it.

As a result, while Penn State has a better punter and more accurate kicker this season, Nwosu's role allows him to just unleash his fury on the football. He handles kickoff, and only kickoffs, but is not afraid to lay the lumber in coverage on his kicks.

Although Nwosu is lower on the depth chart, his legend only continues to grow. His gigantic frame and even bigger leg has made him a fan favorite amongst college football fans across the country, and especially in Pennsylvania.

When Nwosu makes his way around University Park and State College, he is hard to miss. As a result, the thicker (thick kicker) has an extremely marketable brand.

Penn State kicker Gabe Nwosu is cashing in on NIL.

It was announced on Friday morning that he has signed an NIL deal with the famous, Pittsburgh-based sandwich shop Primanti Bros. Founded in 1933, the chain has 16 locations and has become a cultural icon in the Pittsburgh area. Primanti Bros, like Nwosu, goes big.

Thus, the partnership is a perfect fit.

Although terms of the deal are undisclosed, it is safe to assume that Nwosu will have no problems getting his hand on a few Jumbos, Corned Beefs, Pastramis or Salamis. At his size, there is no doubt that he could put back a few sandwiches on Primanti Bros.'s dime!

For the NIL haters, Nwosu's deal is a perfect example of why you are wrong. Who doesn't love a 280-pound kicker getting paid to crush sammies?!