Panthers Cause More QB Confusion With The First Depth Chart Of The Season

The Carolina Panthers have dropped the team's first depth chart of the season, and it answered zero QB questions.

Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold are battling it out for the QB1 role, and by all accounts, it's the former's job to lose.

Well, in the first depth chart of the 2022 campaign, Darnold and Mayfield are both listed as starters. That means fans are still waiting on an official decision to be made!

At this point, fans should get comfortable not having an official announcement because it looks like head coach Matt Rhule is content taking his sweet time.

Again, all the reports indicate Mayfield will almost certainly be QB1 when the season starts, but nothing is official in the NFL until it's official.

It's been speculated the secrecy might be an attempt to orchestrate a trade to ship Sam Darnold out of town. It's unclear right now whether or not that's the case, but clearly, the Panthers want to keep their cards close to the chest.

The Panthers open against the Browns in 32 days. The team certainly has time before making an official announcement, but fans are craving information.

The loyal followers of a team want a decision ASAP. Will it be Mayfield or will Darnold keep his job? It seems like a decision has already been made internally, but all options might be on the table.

Make sure to keep checking back for the latest information on the situation in Carolina as we have it!

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