Padres Fans do Embarrassing, Cringeworthy 'Rap' Ahead of Phillies Series

The San Diego Padres start the National League Championship Series against the Philadelphia Phillies Tuesday night, with expectations running high that the team could make their first World Series appearance since 1998.

But based on a performance put on by their fanbase on local news earlier Tuesday, Major League Baseball would be well within their rights to end the series before it starts.

A group of Padres fans appeared on KUSI and delivered what some might describe as a rap (?), supporting their team.

Well, a more accurate description would be a collection of movements and sounds that might charitably be described as a musical and dance related performance. And it is undoubtedly one of the most cringeworthy, embarrassing things you will ever see grown human adults do:

What has happened in these people's lives to make them think that this was a good idea?

Do they not have any other friends or family members to tell them how embarrassing this looks and sounds?

I guess this is the inevitable result of only making seven playoff appearances in 52 years. The fanbase is entirely incapable of handling the success of advancing past the NLDS. That's something their one-sided rival LA Dodgers have done five times in the past seven seasons, without ever putting on something this embarrassing.

Whatever trolling credit Padres fans got for going after the Dodgers organization for missing the NLCS has now been officially eliminated.

Although, of course, nothing is a bigger troll to Padres fans than their organization's own actions: having to exclude ticket buyers from Los Angeles to ensure that the stadium wasn't taken over by opposing fans.

Phillies Now Guaranteed Series Win

Phillies fans must be salivating, knowing that this is what they're up against.

Additionally, if this isn't played during the entirety of Padres batting practice at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies organization has failed all of us.

The Padres are actually slight favorites to advance, according to the DraftKings sportsbook. But thanks to this video, it's now an unfortunate reality that they've already lost.

Really, America lost, by being subjected to what Padres fans are capable of after having just a taste of postseason success.