Oral Roberts' Connor Vanover Fascinates March Madness Crowd With Untied Shoe

Never has an untied shoe drawn as many cheers as the laces upon 7-foot-5 Connor Vanover's foot.

Oral Roberts' big man is nothing short (pun intended) of a giant. As OutKick's Grayson Weir detailed earlier this week, Vanover is the tallest player in the NCAA Tournament. Well, he was the tallest player. Oral Roberts lost their opening round game to Duke on Thursday.

And though the Golden Eagles struggled to accumulate any highlights, Vanover delivered a crowd-pleasing moment just minutes into the game.

The game was tied, but Vanover's shoe was not. Watch below:

And just like that, the crowd goes wild. It was like watching a giraffe reach down to gnaw on some hay, yet much more satisfying.

March Madness Crowd Enjoys Connor Vanover

The Amway Center crowd ate up the moment. It was tough to tell if the Orlando crowd was applauding the game's delay coming to an end or the fascinating site of a 7-foot-5 man doing a routine task. Either way, people were talking about Vanover.

Hoops fans quickly took to social media to chime in about Oral Roberts' towering senior.

"Dude is so tall he can literally give a high five to God," said Twitter user @AlexNavidi.

Another Twitter member commented: "When being 7’5” really sucks is when you have to tie your shoes." - @RealNBAExpert

@Ballenjoyer23 added: "this dude proves (Purdue's)zach edey isnt “just tall.”

Needless to say, Vanover and his untied kicks made quite the impression. That's something he is likely accustomed to. Earlier this week Vanover told ORU social media that if he were any Marvel character he'd be Groot, "....he’s a tree, and I feel like I kind of resemble that.”  

Connor Vanover finished the loss with six points, six boards and one crowd-pleasing tie of a shoelace.

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