Ohio State Transforms Helmets Aheads Of Michigan Game

Ohio State will have a bit of a different look in practice going into the Michigan game.

The #2 Buckeyes will square up against the #3 Wolverines in Columbus this weekend, and ahead of the bitter rivalry game, Ohio State has outfitted some helmets to look like Michigan's.

This is like a military training exercise where one side dresses up as the enemy so people can get a feel of what to expect. Now, I'm obviously not comparing football to the military. I'm not Tom Brady, but the logic is similar.

You want guys amped up in practice and doing anything to get a little extra edge. With a playoff spot on the line, all options must be on the table.

Outfitting your helmets, presumably for the practice squad, to look like Michigan lids is a pretty fun tactic for Ryan Day's squad.

Now, will it have much of an impact on the field? Probably a minimal one at best, but it does show the stakes of the game.

This is the team up north for C.J. Stroud and company. Despite what Jim Harbaugh might say, the hatred runs deep. Going to these great lengths to impersonate and prep for the enemy makes that crystal clear.

Catch the game at noon EST on Fox. It's going to be an epic battle.