'Oh Sh*t': MLB Umpire Adrian Johnson Didn't Realize His Mic Was On

MLB Umpire Adrian Johnson accidentally let an expletive fly during the Padres-Giants game in San Francisco earlier this week.

Johnson's hot mic caught the ump blurting out, "Oh sh*t!"

Padres' first baseman Brandon Drury hit into an inning-ending double play and was ruled out at first base. Bob Melvin, the Padres manager, decided to challenge the call.

They took a look and Johnson was ready to announce the verdict, but had a bit of trouble with his microphone.

It's nice to see an umpire have a human moment...before they're all replaced with robots.

And let's be honest - that was a hilarious in-game moment. Just the type of moment needed to breakup mundane mid-August baseball. And, that's likely how 99% of us would handle the same situation.

However, onfield/ice/court officials do need to learn the first rule of microphones: you assume that they're always hot.

He's Not Alone

So, Adrian Johnson got away with a fun blooper that he'll probably get razzed about for a few days.

But not every official was this lucky around a microphone.

Enter former NHL official Tim Peel.

Back in 2021, Peel was caught on mic saying that he wanted to call a penalty on the Nashville Predators.

Peel was set to retire later that season, but the NHL showed him the door following that incident.

Fortunately, that won't happen to Adrian Johnson. We all love a good hot mic moment, so we don't want officials getting too savvy when it comes to the mic.

Maybe just savvy enough to keep their gigs.

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