Notre Dame Coach's Plans For His Final Home Game: Close Down The Bar

Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey will coach the final home game of his career with the Fighting Irish Wednesday night, and he plans on going out in style.

Brey is stepping away from Notre Dame, but has left the door open to eventually return to coaching. However, for the time being, he's riding off into the sunset, and the last time he'll coach at the Joyce Center is tonight against Pitt.

What does he plan on doing afterwards? Hitting a bar he's never stepped foot in before and closing it down.

Mike Brey will close down Linebacker Lounge.

Final home games are usually pretty emotional events. That's especially true when you've been the head coach of a major program since 2000. He's been leading Notre Dame through five different Presidents, and in all that time, he's apparently never stepped one foot in the famous Notre Dame bar Linebacker Lounge. That will change tonight.

"I have never stepped foot in the Linebacker in 23 years. I know you don't believe that, but I've never been in it but I'm going in tomorrow night ... Never been there, but I'm going . And, we're closing that sucker. There ain't no curfew tomorrow," Brey said with a smirk on his face.

Look at the grin on Mike Brey's face after he announced he would be hitting up the bar for a few drinks after the game.

That's the kind of joy you simply can't fake.

Admittedly, I don't know much about Linebacker Lounge, but a quick jump over to Yelp tells me people are huge fans.

Now, for the first time in his life, Mike Brey will partake in a Notre Dame tradition: going to Linebacker Lounge, and it doesn't sound like he's only sticking around for one beer.

It sounds like he plans on having as many as he can handle. Whenever a man claims they're shutting down a bar, you know things are going to get wild.

With a career record at Notre Dame of 482-278 since 2000, I think he's earned it.

Hopefully, he can end his career at Notre Dame with one last home win and then crack open beers all night long. That sounds like an awesome way to ride off into the sunset.

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