Nick Saban Shares Heartwarming Moment With A Young Kid

Alabama coach Nick Saban had an incredible interaction with a young kid Thursday night.

During his weekly radio segment, a six-year-old child told the seven-time national champion he just finished up his first year of flag football. The young kid wanted to know if Saban would be around long enough for him to play for the Crimson Tide.

Check out the incredible moment below.

Saban is known as an absolute dictator in the world of college football. He rules with an iron fist, and that's why he has seven rings.

It's his way or the highway, and it's that simple. There's no room for negotiating. Let's remember this is the man who clearly stated playing at Alabama for him isn't a democracy.

However, Nick Saban occasionally reminds people that he's not a robot built for just winning football games.

He's got a big heart, and that shined through during his awesome interaction with this very young kid. The child played some flag football and wanted to suit up for the Crimson Tide in 12 years.

That would put Nick Saban in his early 80s. It seems highly-unlikely he'll coach until then, but you never know. Crazier things could happen.

Either way, Nick Saban gave fans an incredibly heartwarming moment. Even all the people who think he's Darth Vader have to admit this was pretty damn cool. Props to him for the awesome reaction.