NFL Early Afternoon Highlights: Darnold Scores Bizarre TD, Injured Dolphin Gets Strange Help Off Field

It's hard to keep track when there are so many NFL games going on at once, so here at OutKick we will collect the best moments for you throughout the day and post them here.

Chris Godwin TD Leads To Awesome 'Hot Mic' Moment

Bucs QB Tom Brady connected with WR Chris Godwin on a 10-yard touchdown on a third-and-five against the Browns. Tampa teammates were FIRED up for Godwin's catch and let the cameras know about it.

That's Bucs guard Nick Leverett letting the world know that when Chris Godwin wants the endzone, you aren't stopping him.

Trevor Siemian Starts, Throws TD Pass

The Bears had a wild pregame on Sunday. First, QB Justin Fields was officially ruled out with a shoulder injury. That put backup Trevor Siemian in line to start. But Siemian got hurt during pregame warmups, which put the third-string QB, Nathan Peterman, as the likely starter.

HOWEVER, Siemian continued to work through the issue and convinced the coaches that he was good enough to go. So, despite the announcement by the Bears PR team, Siemian ultimately started against the Jets. And, he's off to a pretty good start. Some of that is due to this unreal catch by Byron Pringle.

It's Tough To Be A Texan

The Houston Texans are the worst team in the NFL. And, as 14-point underdogs in Miami, it's already looking like they're heading towards a ninth loss in 11 games. It's hard not to be frustrated playing for such a bad team and sometimes you just have to let the Gatorade cooler know that you don't like the way it's looking at you.

What is Going on with the Jaguars Mascot???

Not sure what to even say here, so I'll just submit without comment.

Dolphins RB Needs Help Getting Off Field & Gets it in a Strange Way

Dolphins RB Raheem Mostert is inactive for Sunday's game due to an injury which means that trade deadline acquisition Jeff Wilson (49ers) was in line for a big workload. He scored an early touchdown but suffered some kind of leg injury early in the second half.

He needed help getting off the field and got it from teammate Tyreek Hill. Wilson later returned to the game, so we can laugh about it now:

Sam Darnold Stops, Drops & Rolls for TD

The Carolina Panthers have been a dumpster fire this season and have moved to their third starting QB this season: last year's starter Sam Darnold. Darnold was injured for the early part of the season while Baker Mayfield and PJ Walker struggled.

Against one of the league's best defenses, Denver, Darnold is having himself a pretty good day. He threw a touchdown to DJ Moore and helped the Panthers out to a two-touchdown lead. He nearly gave the ball away on the Broncos' goal line, but instead scored one of the more bizarre touchdowns of the season.

Jaguars Co-MVPs Today: Mascot ... and Punter?

Jacksonville Jaguars punter Logan Cooke is considered one of the best in the NFL. And, when you're Jacksonville, your punter gets a lot of work. Well, Cooke is putting in some SERIOUS work today.

He has punts of 70, 68 and 68 today.

That last one, the second 68-yarder, was an absolute thing of beauty. Hat tip to DB Daniel Thomas with an excellent play to keep the ball out of the endzone.

Give Njoku A Hand!

Red zone. Fourth and 10. Game on the line, down 17-10.

Stakes were high against the Cleveland Browns, facing Tom Brady's Buccaneers. But former first-round Browns tight end David Njoku was ready to play and delivered a sweet one-handed TD catch over Devin White to tie the game with :34 seconds left in regulation.

It was a career highlight for Njoku and likely the best catch of the Week 12 slate.


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