New York Magazine: Stop Watching The Men's NCAA Tournament Because The Women Are More Exciting

New York Magazine is the proud owner of maybe the most unhinged sports take we've seen in a long time.

Millions of fans around the country are fired up and excited to watch FAU/SDSU and UConn/Miami this weekend in the Final Four. For the first time in a long time, we had true carnage. In fact, it's the first time in NCAA Tournament history a seed three or higher didn't make the Final Four.

That's awesome. The fact SDSU and FAU are playing for a spot in the title game is downright incredible - well, that is unless you're a New York Magazine reader.

It's time to turn off the men's tournament and pivot to the women's tournament "for excitement," according to a tweet from the publication. Below is a screenshot just in case New York Magazine wakes up and deletes it.

New York Magazine offers unhinged NCAA Tournament/Final Four take.

New York Magazine offered fans a very simple premise. Upsets aren't actually good because deep down we all crave order (sounds like it's coming straight out of Stalin's communist mouth), and the women's tournament gives fans structure.

Instead of being loaded with insane upsets, the women's tournament's Final Four has two one seeds, a two seed and a three seed. Boring! Upsets are in large part what makes March Madness great. We want Purdue losing to a 16 seed. Fans want to see powerhouse teams get crushed.

It's so much fun. Who didn't have fun watching SDSU hand it to Alabama? As far as I know, nobody. Well, that is unless you're a big fan of New York Magazine.

Author Will Leitch wrote the following in part:

But here’s the thing about madness: Deep down, we all secretly want a little bit of order. And this weekend at the men’s Final Four, I think we’ll all understand why. That is, if we’re even watching.
If you tune into the women’s Final Four, you’ll get to see the best of what women’s college basketball has to offer. If you tune into the men’s Final Four, you’ll get to see a bunch of random guys who will never cross your mind again.

How is this real?

I damn near spit out my drink when I read that second chunk. This has to be a really high brow parody, right?

Are we really supposed to believe viewers will forever remember the members of LSU's women's team or the women's tournament just because Caitlin Clark is playing in the Final Four? The ratings for the women's tournament might be up, but the numbers are still a fraction of what the men get.

More than 11.3 million people watched Miami beat Texas in the Elite Eight. The ratings were down a bit, but do you know how many people watched Iowa and Clark beat Louisville? Just under 2.5 million. That's a more than a 4.5x increase for the men's tournament.

But, yes, go off, New York Magazine. Fans definitely won't remember the men's tournament compared to the women's. That's sarcasm by the way for anyone looking to deceptively cut up my thoughts.

This is America. Do whatever you want. You want to watch the women's Final Four and crush beers? Be my guest. Doesn't change my life at all. Myself and millions of others will enjoy the men's games because upsets are a positive - not a negative.

It's March Madness, and anyone who truly thinks upsets are terrible and the men's tournament should be turned off just needs to be ignored. Do what you want and ignore the woke nonsense.

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