Needy Bears And Jaguars Turn To Waiver Wire For Help While New York Jets Are Apparently Very Talented

The day after the NFL's roster cutdown to 53 players, teams have the opportunity to pluck any of those players waived from the waiver wire.

And that's what is happening with the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars being very active.

The Bears have claimed six players off the waiver wire.

The Jaguars have claimed five from the waiver wire.

That's more than any other teams.

And let's be clear what this means: Those two teams believe that up to half-a-dozen players cast off by other teams, who have not been in their training camp and don't know their system or culture, are better than a handful of players they had on their initial roster.

Said another way, this is a cry for a serious talent injection through waivers to rosters already set.

The Bears, who hold the seventh spot on the claims list, claimed OL Alex Leatherwood from the Raiders, TE Tevon Wesco from the Jets, LB Sterling Weatherford from the Colts. NT Armon Watts from the Vikings, DE Jonathan Kingsley from the Bills, and DB Josh Blackwell from the Eagles.

The Bears were obviously hunting for talent all up and down their roster.

The Jaguars, who hold the top spot on the claims list, were awarded DB Tyree Gillespie from the Titans, RB Jamycal Hasty from the 49ers, K Riley Patterson from Detroit, WR Kendric Pryor from the Bengals and LB Ty Summers from the Packers.

So, again, the Jags are looking for upgrade up and down their roster.

This suggests things, folks, as the personnel staff for those two teams hope to improve on the work they previously did with players they acquired during the offseason and into training camp.

On the other end of that spectrum, we have teams who discarded players other teams really valued. Generally, that's how it is with good teams with deep rosters.

Well, surprise because seven Jets players were claimed off the waiver wire so far, the most from any team. Four Bills players were also claimed, and that's the second-most from any team.

The Bills I get. They're a Super Bowl contender with a deep roster.

But the Jets are making a statement. Either the Jets were making huge roster construction mistakes and cutting the wrong players, or they have a roster so strong and deep that good players other teams value were not good enough to be on the Jets.

If it's the latter, watch out for the Jets in 2022.

All the players claimed Wednesday must go on the 53-man roster. None of these are practice squad additions.

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