Nebraska OC Drops Epic Quote About Being A 'Dick'

Nebraska offensive coordinator Mark Whipple doesn't have any interest in being a nice guy.

The Cornhuskers are currently 2-3, and tied for first place in the Big Ten West. In an attempt to energize the squad, Whipple thinks he needs to be a "dick" because the team doesn't play well when he's a nice guy.

"When I walk around being a nice guy, it just doesn't work as well as when I'm a dick. I don't know why. That's what I told the kids on Monday. When I have something across my rear end, we just play better," Whipple explained to the press Tuesday.

Fans should love this energy from Whipple and the Cornhuskers. By the time Scott Frost was run out of town, the Nebraska had no energy left.

It was boring, not exciting and it felt like all hope had been lost. It was a disastrous situation when Frost finally punched out for the final time.

Now, the team is 1-1 after his departure, just got a nice home win over Indiana and Whipple wants to see things continue.

In order to do that, the Nebraska coach apparently has to be a "dick" because being a nice guy simple doesn't work for him and his players.

He also dropped a great line during the same press conference about the Big Ten West not being good, but at least it's competitive. That's how Nebraska managed to get tied for first place with a 2-3 record.

With the Cornhuskers on a one game winning streak, Whipple should keep it up and keep dropping fun quotes at press conferences. At the very least, he can make Nebraska football fun again.

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