Nebraska Coach Has Hilarious Reaction To Being In 1st Place

Nebraska interim head coach Mickey Joseph isn't impressed with the Cornhuskers being at the top of the Big Ten West.

Shockingly, the Cornhuskers are tied with Purdue and Illinois for first place in the B1G West with a 2-1 conference record. It's hard to believe given how Nebraska started the season, but it's true.

However, Mickey Joseph doesn't think it matters at all.

"First place is when you end the season. Not now. This is just fake first place," Joseph told the press Monday when talking about the Cornhuskers currently controlling the B1G West.

Well, he's definitely not wrong with his assessment of the situation. Being in first place after six weeks is definitely not something you get a trophy for accomplishing.

Is it wild Nebraska is currently tied for the Big Ten West lead? Without a doubt. Scott Frost was fired after just a few games this season.

Now, the Cornhuskers control their fate to a certain degree. Nobody saw that coming back in September.

The season is going to get very tough for Nebraska.

The bad news for the Cornhuskers is things are about to get very difficult. Joseph's team has six remaining games against Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa. It's possible Nebraska loses all of them to finish 3-9.

Could the Cornhuskers go 6-6 or better? Maybe, but that's a very difficult six game stretch, and Nebraska will be underdogs in most, if not all of those matchups.

So, Nebraska fans might want to enjoy it while it lasts because as Joseph pointed out, this definitely isn't a real situation until the season is over.

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