Nebraska Star Denies Taunting Caitlin Clark During Upset Win: VIDEO

Nebraska star Jaz Shelley appeared to pull a bold move during a win over Iowa, but she has a different version of events!

The Cornhuskers shocked and stunned the college basketball world by storming back against the Hawkeyes to win 82-79.

While fans were busy watching Caitlin Clark chase the scoring record, Nebraska went to work chipping away at a double-digit deficit. 

Shelly hit the go-ahead three with a little more than 30 seconds left, and did something Angle Reese made popular:

She appeared to hit Caitlin Clark with the "you can't see me" motion.

Bold. Very bold.

While the internet was busy celebrating the monumental win for Nebraska, Shelley was attempting to clear the air. In fact, she denied what people saw on TV was taunting at all. The Nebraska star simply claimed she was signaling the proper defensive set.

Nebraska star Jaz Shelley denies taunting Caitlin Clark.

This is the nature of the beast. If you lose, then people are going to taunt and mock you. That's just the way it is. Iowa blew a big lead late in the game, Nebraska pulled off the biggest win in recent program memory and Shelley appeared to rub it in and twist the knife a bit - which she denies! You can decide for yourself based on the footage and context.

However, if she was taunting, then I'd urge Shelley and Nebraska to tap the brakes just a little bit. A massive win? For sure. Worth taunting Caitlin Clark if that's what was happening?

Well, that's up to Nebraska's roster, but generally speaking, embracing a villain role only works if you can keep it up. Iowa is one of the best teams in America, and has the best player in women's college basketball.

Is that really who you want to even *appear* to be taunting? I would say no, but Shelley was vibing in her own way Sunday against the Hawkeyes.

I would not forget this moment if I was Clark and Nebraska and Iowa meet in the B1G tournament. This is the kind of beef that won't just disappear. Even if Shelley is correct - and she might be - the perception often becomes reality. The perception is she was taunting.

Believe in forgiveness but never believe in mercy. Clark might be incentivized to 100% pour it on Nebraska if they meet again.

Until then, she'll keep chasing down the final eight points she needs for the scoring record. Let me know what you think of Clark and Iowa at 

*Note: This piece has been update to include Jaz Shelley's denial.

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