NCAA Embarrassing Itself With College World Series Coverage Demands

The NCAA is strongly encouraging media members to cover the College World Series virtually. This proves they have no desire to follow science as it seems they're more focused on pandering.

What a disappointment.

"No in-person press conferences or interviews," WAFB channel 9's Jacques Doucet tweeted Saturday evening. "No opportunities for stand-ups in stadium while any players, coaches or officials are in the venue. Practice day is closed."

How does any of this make sense? The whole point should be to protect players and fans from a deadly virus, and states free of regulation have shown us we don't need a shutdown to do so. So why isn't the NCAA taking those examples seriously?

They imply that letting athletes and media members come and go as they please is negligence when it's quite the opposite. Holding our sports media away from players because of a virus that poses almost no risk to them is tragic. It's brutal for the growth of college sports and ineffective all around.

Fans of college baseball should demand better. Any limitations like fan attendance or mask mandates have no purpose other than to pretend we care. Dr. Fauci said himself via private email that masks do nothing to stop the virus, and data shows that players are under no risk from the virus. It's really too bad we've given up on science and become obsessed with misconstruing data to control the masses. Our media should be able to cover the College World Series, free of vaccine or any other type of meaningless gesture of "safety." Let everyone do their jobs so we can get this show on the road.