NBA Veteran Blames Rap Music, Bad Parenting For Ja Morant's Behavior

Patrick Beverley thinks two things are to blame for Ja Morant's issues off the court:

Violent rap music and bad parenting.

The Memphis Grizzlies superstar has had multiple issues off the court allegedly involving guns. Most notably, he flashed a pistol while on a livestream in a Colorado strip club. Currently, he's away from the team and in counseling. There is no timetable for his return.

Beverley didn't mince words when analyzing how he sees the troubling situation.

Patrick Beverley calls out violent rap music for Ja Morant's problems.

"Lost his mind .... Parenting, parenting," Beverley immediately said as soon as he was asked on the Barstool Rundown what he thinks the issue is. From there, he went further and blamed rap music for giving young people the idea to behave in such a fashion.

"I think music has a lot to do with this now. You know, especially with this culture. Everyone holding a gun in the video is okay. You know, bling on your teeth is okay. Pants half down your ass, that's okay. So, that's like okay now. Back in the day there was a motherf*cker on the beach in a silk shirt talking about some 'Yeah, baby, let's party like we're in the 80s.' Everybody had on sick shirts and everybody was dressed the same. It's just a product of what we listen to. The culture now is 'shoot them up, bang, bang, shoot them up, bend you over, I got this amount of money, I'm on private jets, that that that.' That's what the younger generation is. Sadly to say it shouldn't be based on our music, but it is mostly based on what we listen to and that's how it is," the NBA veteran further explained.

For contrast, Beverley claimed if Eminem had rapped about guns, "every white kid in America would have had a f*cking gun on them." Instead, they wore hoodies and dressed like Eminem, according to the Bulls player.

Morant just can't stay out of the headlines.

Ja Morant's issues off the court are nothing short of disturbing and troubling at this point. For a quick refresher, Morant has been accused of the following:

It's been a hell of a 12-month run for the NBA star, and he's now getting help. If he doesn't get his life and behavior figured out, playing basketball will be the least of his concerns.

It's also worth noting, I also called out parenting while speaking with Dan Dakich about Morant. Some people on social media acted like I was crazy.

Apparently, Patrick Beverley agrees.

Hopefully, Ja Morant gets the help he needs and gets his life straightened out. He has the opportunity to be a generational talent and earn a ton of money. However, he needs to figure out how to stay out of his way first.

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