Nate Oats Buries Auburn After Massive Alabama Win

Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats roasted Auburn following a huge Saturday win.

The Crimson Tide marched into Neville Arena and pulled off a 77-69 victory over the Tigers. Despite Bruce Pearl's squad throwing everything it had in waves at Alabama, it just ultimately wasn't enough.

How did Oats react after the game? He made sure everyone knew this was Auburn's biggest game of the year.

"I know it was their Super Bowl. So, it was nice to come win over here," Oats told the media after the hard-fought victory.

Nate Oats with a savage quote.

Nate Oats isn't out here playing games. Auburn and Alabama hate each other. It's the Russians against the Americans, cowboys against the Indians, bank robbers against the cops or the USA in 1776 against the Brits.

They're natural enemies and massive rivals. The hatred is known and really doesn't need an explanation.

So, after earning the win, Oats took the chance to land one more blow against the Tigers. You think Alabama cared about this game? It was just an SEC matchup. They're the third-ranked team in America. Their sights are set on the Final Four (in Oats' mind and the minds of Alabama fans).

For Auburn, it was easily the biggest game of the year. The Crimson Tide came to their house, and an upset win would have been huge.

Fans would have 100% stormed the court and probably be justified in doing so. It just didn't happen because Alabama and Oats took care of business. When you beat a rival, you can't pass up the opportunity to stab them one more time and twist the knife a bit.

Also, I was having some drinks at Dirty Water in Washington D.C. during the game, and I was stunned by how passionate Alabama fans were. Everyone knows they have great (the best?) football fans. That place was ROCKING with Alabama fans. A very underrated college basketball fanbase.