Multiple Fights Break Out During San Francisco 49ers Camp

Tensions boiled over Tuesday at training camp for the San Francisco 49ers.

Players brawling in camp is far from a rare occurrence, but things really got popping between linebacker Fred Warner and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk.

The two players didn't just get in one fight Tuesday, but managed to get it going twice in the same practice, according to NBC Sports.

One of the altercations came after Aiyuk thought Warner was perhaps getting a shade too physical for training camp.

However, Warner doesn't see the confrontations as anything more than him trying to push his teammate to be better.

"Specifically with Brandon, I chose him out, and I’ll say why. I think he’s ready to make that next step and to play at an elite level," Warner explained.

So, nothing but iron sharpening iron at camp for the San Francisco 49ers!

You know football season is almost here when players are brawling in camp, and the same guys fighting twice in the same practice is a sign they're ready to get it on for fans on Sundays.

Hopefully, they've ironed everything out and are ready to get back to being teammates and competing!

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