MSU Unveils Incredible Helmets Featuring The American Flag

Michigan State will be rocking some awesome helmets Saturday against Rutgers.

Today is Veterans Day, and teams and people around America are honoring our heroes in different ways.

Well, the Spartans will be doing in great fashion Saturday. Michigan State will wear helmets featuring Sparty carrying the American flag.

The Spartans definitely aren't the only team in America that will wear special helmets this weekend. Iowa will also rock American flag helmets Saturday against Wisconsin.

Now, you can add the Spartans to the mix of teams that are stepping up to honor the brave men and women who have put it all on the line for America.

The helmets are incredibly fresh, and it's always great to see the American flag featured prominently in sports.

Given how many people don't seem to love America anymore, it's great to see another team that isn't afraid to represent the red, white and blue.

A lot of very brave men and women deployed to defend freedom. The least we can do is show pride in this country to repay them.

You can catch the Michigan State/Rutgers game starting at noon EST on BTN. There's no doubt the Spartans will be looking great rocking the American flag.