MLB Catcher Hospitalized With Swollen Testicles

Washington Nationals catcher Keibert Ruiz had to be taken to the hospital after suffering a groin injury.

During a win over the Cardinals, Ruiz was struck in the groin region after getting popped by a foul ball, and had to be taken to the hospital with swollen testicles, according to Mark Zuckerman.

Somehow, Ruiz managed to remain in the game for awhile after getting hit in the second inning before ultimately needing to go to the hospital, according to the Washington Post (via TMZ).

It's not known as of Friday morning whether or not Ruiz will miss extended time with a groin injury or if he'll be able to quickly bounce back.

The Nats did call up catch Israel Pineda, which would seem to indicate there's a chance he won't be back immediately.

No matter who you are, you can admit a groin injury, especially one involving swelling requiring hospitalization, is about as bad as it gets.

It's a potential nightmare situation, and it's always best to be cautious when handling an injury of this nature. The fact Ruiz didn't immediately leave the game is nothing short of shocking.

Hopefully, he's back on the field ASAP. Nobody wants to see a man suffer a groin injury.

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