Minor League Pitchers With Same Name Who Look Alike Take DNA Test, Find Out They're Not Related

Two minor league pitchers who look alike and eerily have the same name have taken a DNA test to see if they're related.

The two pitchers in question are Brady Feigl, a 32-year-old left-handed pitcher for the Long Island Ducks, and Brady Feigl, 27, a righty who pitched for the Las Vegas Aviators last season.

Already, it's incredible that they have the same name. "Brady Feigl" is not "John Smith." That's quite a coincidence.

However, when you see the two, that's when it goes from coincidence to something out of a Twilight Zone episode.

Those are photos of two different Brady Feigls.

The first time these two caused some confusion with their mutual Brady Feigl-ness was in 2015. Both went to the same doctor for the exact same elbow surgery.

In 2017, Ole Miss baseball tried to wish the younger Brady Feigl happy birthday but instead tagged the elder of the two Feigls.

There has to be some common ancestor or an Old man Feigl who has some 'splainin' to do. That's why the two Brady Feigls decided to spit in a tube (well, two separate tubes) and let science solve this mystery once and for all.

The results: there's no biological connection between them.

But... but... the faces... and the hair... and the choice of glasses frames?!

How could that be?!?!

Oddly enough while the Feigl's have no biological connection, a 2022 study published by Cell Reports looked at 32 pairs of people who looked alike turned out to share some common genetics.

If you're trying to make a case for why we may live in the Matrix, the "Curious Case of Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl" might be exhibit A. (Editor's Note: Exhibit B is Matt Reigle writing about the Feigl non-bros. Reigle, Feigl -- feels like we're in that Ace Ventura scene.)

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