Minnesota Coach Announces QB Health Update After Scary Hit

Tanner Morgan is apparently doing better after taking a big hit against Illinois.

The Minnesota quarterback was carted off the field Saturday against the Fighting Illini after taking a big shot, but the good news is he's showing improvement.

Head coach P.J. Fleck told the media the following Monday about Morgan's status, according to Fox Sports:

First of all, Tanner is doing very well. Woke up on Sunday morning and surprisingly felt really good, which is great. He was evaluated at the medical center right after the game, which I know all of you saw. He was cleared by the medical teams and the medical staffs to be able to fly home with the team. We held the plane a little bit longer so he could finish up his testing. But that stuff is out of my hands. I just know he appreciates all the prayers, thoughts, support, text messages from everybody. I know we do as well as a team. ... In terms of the quarterback situation, we have other quarterbacks that can play if he’s not able to go. But that’s not necessarily just ruled out yet. But I’m not the one in charge of all those decisions. That’s our medical team, and I know he’s in very, very good care and doing really well.

Tanner Morgan is doing better, but it's unknown when he'll play again.

Head injuries have been a major focus in the football world since Tua Tagovailoa's scary concussion. Morgan clearly took a shot to the head, hit the deck and needed immediate medical assistance.

It was a very nerve-wracking situation Saturday against Illinois for Minnesota fans.

Now, it sounds like Morgan has shown major improvement, but his status for the game against Penn State remains very much up in the air.

As Fleck told the media and fans, he hasn't been ruled out but the Gophers have several options behind him if it comes to that.

Hopefully, Tanner Morgan is back to 100% as quickly as possible for the Gophers. It's always a scary situation when dealing with head injuries, and you simply never want to see it.

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