Mike Leach Offers Hilarious Reaction To Terrible Cough

Mike Leach was truly in rare form over the weekend.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs squeaked out a 39-33 win over Auburn Saturday, and during the postgame press conference, Leach couldn't stop coughing.

However, the legendary coach didn't allow his coughing to ruin the moment. In fact, he claimed he's "working this trademark cough."

It's worth noting this might have been the third funniest thing Leach did Saturday. He was on a roll unlike anything fans have seen in a long time.

During the game, he flipped up the chairs meant for the receivers because they didn't deserve to sit.

Following that, he also talked about players and their "fat little girlfriends," which was a callback to his iconic rant during his time at Texas Tech.

Once you add in the fact he couldn't stop coughing and was cracking jokes out, it's hard to argue a coach has had a funnier night all season.

Most people would just have gotten up and left. Maybe they crush some water or take some cough suppressant before returning.

Not Mike Leach. He sat there and didn't even hesitate to keep coughing. That's the kind of energy you need if you want to win down the stretch in November.

We might truly ever get a funnier coach than Mike Leach. I sincerely hope everyone appreciates him while he's still active. College football will never be the same once he retires.