Mike Gundy Clarifies Strange DUI Comments, Sparks Massive Backlash

Mike Gundy clarified comments about driving under the influence following Ollie Gordon being arrested.

The Oklahoma State football star was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI, and fans have been wondering what his punishment will be.

The Cowboys head coach went mega-viral Tuesday at Big 12 media days when he explained Gordon wouldn't be suspended, and he really took things to the next level breaking down DUI science.

Mike Gundy walks back DUI comments.

"So, I looked it up on my phone what would be the legal limit? Like, in Oklahoma, it's .08. And Ollie was 0.1. So I looked it up. And it was based on body weight. Not to get into the legal side of it, but I thought, really, two or three beers, or four - I'm not justifying what Ollie did - I'm telling you what decision I made. Well I thought, 'I've probably did that 1,000 times in my life.' Which is fine. So, I got lucky, people get lucky," Gundy told the media when explaining his rationale for not suspending Gordon.

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Shortly after his comments went viral, Gundy tweeted a message clarifying that his comments weren't in relation to anything specific. He was speaking broadly about making bad decisions.

"My intended point today at Big 12 media days was that we are all guilty of making bad decisions. It was not a reference to something specific," the popular Big 12 coach tweeted.

However, offering clarification didn't do anything to stop the backlash he sparked online. Some people aren't happy with his comments.

To be fair to Gundy - who is known for speaking his mind - it's not really clear whether he was referring to simply having four beers in a night or having four beers and then driving in his original comments. Having said that, does anyone complaining on social media really believe Mike Gundy endorses drunk driving?

Does anyone think a major college football coach thinks drunk driving is acceptable? Of course not. He was simply explaining his thought process - right or wrong - for why Ollie Gordon wasn't suspended.

Could he have been a bit crisper with his message and words? Without a doubt, but I have people texting me he should be suspended. That's simply over the top.

Take a deep breath, understand Mike Gundy is who he is, there isn't a chance in hell he endorses drunk driving, he clarified his comments and let's move on.

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