Michigan Player To Press Charges, Harbaugh Reveals Sickening Video

Michigan football player Gemon Green plans on taking legal action against members of the Michigan State football team.

Green was brutally and savagely beaten in the tunnel Saturday after the Wolverines beat the Spartans, and the footage is nothing short of shocking.

You can see a member of the Spartans use his helmet as a weapon against Green and strike him with it.

Now, Green intends to make it a legal situation. His father told Tom VanHaaren that Green plans on pressing charges against the individuals involved.

Green's father said his son was hit in the face, back and shoulder.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh also informed the press Monday that there's ABC footage of the entire situation unfolding. He expects serious criminal charges to be filed.

Here is the video from ESPN/ABC/Disney:

So far, Michigan State has suspended Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose and Zion Young for their roles in the alleged brawl.

It's unclear whether or not more players will also be punished.

In a statement given to OutKick's Trey Wallace, the attorney representing Green - Tom Mars - announced the following:

When college football players brutally attack a member of the opposing team with their helmets, resulting in the player suffering a concussion and other injuries, an apology won’t suffice. There has to be severe consequences for this kind of misconduct.
Not only does Gemon Green deserve to be compensated for his injuries. Severe consequences in this case will deter others who might think they can get away with brutally beating an opposing player and only get a slap on the wrist. I’ve got news for the MSU players who did this to Gemon. They are going to feel the full wrath of the law.

As soon as the alleged attack happened, Michigan AD Warde Manuel made it clear it was a police matter, and MSU head coach Mel Tucker also announced his program would cooperate fully with authorities.

With Gemon Green planning to press charges, it seems like action from the police in Ann Arbor is imminent.

Where do things go from here? That's the big question. At the very least, MSU fans shouldn't expect to see the suspended players back in the near future. If the four are arrested, their time in East Lansing could be over.