Michigan Hockey Fans Eviscerate Opposing Goalie With Ruthless Chant, Mock Ohio State For Also Losing In Football

Michigan hockey hammered Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament on Saturday afternoon. The 7-3 rivalry win propelled the Wolverines into the final, while the Buckeyes will head back to Columbus and prepare for the NCAA Tournament.

Before their opponents hit the road, The Children of Yost (Michigan's student section) made sure to remind them who owns the rivalry. They chanted "just like football," in reference to the 45-23 beatdown by Jim Harbaugh's team in November.

However, there is a question to be asked about the validity of their chant. Yes, Michigan beat Ohio State in the Big Ten hockey tournament, but they split the season series 2-2-1. Is that really equivalent to a three-score win on the gridiron?

Either way, the Wolverines are notorious for their ruthless student section. They are as rowdy as they come and make sure that their opponents do not have a good time visiting Ann Arbor.

One of their chants, which has spread throughout college hockey, mocks the opposing goalie for being ugly every time he takes off his mask. It makes for a long outing in net, because The Children of Yost make sure that they are heard.

Their goal count chant is not quite as ruthless, but it rings throughout the arena each time that Michigan finds the net. They remind the goalie that it is all their fault and label him a sieve.

Both the Wolverines and Buckeyes are slated to make the NCAA Tournament, so Saturday's loss was not a huge deal for Ohio State— except for the fact that the Buckeyes ended their Big Ten Tournament run with a bitter taste in their mouth after losing to their rivals. Nobody likes losing to a rival.

The postgame chant was just adding salt to the wound!