Michigan Hit With New Allegation Involving Ball Boys Stealing Information As Program Appears On Brink Of Imploding

Michigan just can't stop taking hits amid a massive sign stealing scandal.

The Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh are currently facing allegations of running an incredibly massive and complex sign stealing scandal that spanned the past couple years, and the believed pointman is currently-suspended assistant Connor Stalions.

Stalions is accused of buying tickets and transferring them around so he could send people to games to film opponents' sidelines to steal signs. An unnamed former DIII coach told ESPN he received money to participate in the alleged cheating scheme.

Michigan appears to be on the brink of imploding, and another allegation has been thrown out by an unnamed Big Ten program.

Michigan ball boys accused of relaying information from the sidelines.

Sports Illustrated released a report Sunday that included an incredibly serious and damning allegation against Michigan ball boys.

The report states the following:

Multiple sources from one Big Ten school told SI that a coach at a different school called them before playing Michigan to warn them about Wolverines ball boys on their sideline listening to play calls and communicating information to the Michigan sideline—holding the football up in one hand to indicate an expected pass, and in the other hand to indicate a run, for instance. (Sources at the school that was warned said they experienced nothing in the game to implicate the Michigan ball boys.)

When it rains, it pours for Michigan. SI claims Michigan wouldn't comment due to the investigation. I reached out and asked point blank if the Wolverines deny the allegation and if ball boys will be made available to investigators. This piece will be updated with any comment UM officials provide.

It's also important to note the unnamed school who were warned didn't see anything to "implicate the Michigan ball boys," but clearly, one school was worried enough to start making calls.

The B1G program that did is definitely not alone. TCU received enough warnings that you would have thought there was a bat signal to notify teams of Michigan's alleged cheating.

TCU decided to pull off a scheme of its own by keeping its original signals, turning them into dummy signals that were useless and then dropping new ones in. It worked because the Horned Frogs upset the Wolverines last year in the CFP.

Now, Michigan faces a new accusation that might be even more damning than sign stealing. In theory, it wouldn't be hard for a ball boy to hear calls and signal across the sideline. I'm not saying that's what happened or that Michigan is guilty. I'm simply pointing out the fact it would be possible given the proximity of ball boys to opposing coaches.

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