Michael Kay To Curt Schilling: 'We're Not Friends'

New York Yankees television broadcaster Michael Kay responded to former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling's appearance on OutKick's Don't @ Me with Dan Dakich.

Initially, Schilling criticized the YES Network broadcaster's play-by-play call of Aaron Judge's 61st home-run.

"I was always taught, one of the things that I think helped me in the booth, was there are some moments that speak for themselves,” Schilling said. “And I thought that was one of them. He could have said everything he said after the fact. Everyone watching the game knew exactly what happened. They knew what the number was. It’s also part and parcel of today’s announcers.”

Schilling then went on to personally call out Kay. “I have some personal bias because Michael Kay, for some reason, decided after we were friends to say some things about me that weren’t true, so I think he’s kind of a d**k,” Schilling said.


On Thursday's Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN Radio, Kay responded:

"Curt, I hate to break it to you. We were never friends. I'm friends with Don (LaGreca) and Peter (Rosenberg). I don't have your home number, I've never been to your house, you've never been to mine. We're not friends. I mean we did have you on the show a couple times and had some laughs and kicks and giggles, but friends? A little stretch, a little stretch. It's not even a stretch, it's beyond the realm of credulity."

On Wednesday night Aaron Judge hit his 61st home-run, tying the American League single-season record with former Yankee Roger Maris.

Kay delivered the call, and also paid homage to the late Phil Rizzuto by including his, "This could be it!" reference that Rizzuto used back in 1961 for Maris's milestone hit.

To be fair, many on social media, including myself, actually thought Kay did a great job with the call.


Kay went on to explain on his Thursday show the inclusion of him saying, "tied with Roger Maris with 61 home-runs, the most that anybody has ever hit in a single season in American League history." He admits that part may sound "clunky" but says he had to include it because one can't say that (Judge) is tied as the home-run leader because Barry Bonds still has that record.

Listeners also responded on the Kay show to Schilling's comments critiquing the home-run call. One person tweeted saying that viewers have always been watching historic moments, and that doesn't mean the broadcaster should sit there and not say anything.

The listener cited Russ Hodges' "The Giants win the pennant!" call. Others brought up Al Michael's "Do you believe in miracles?" regarding the 1980 U.S. Men's Olympic Hockey Team, and also Howard Cossell's "Down goes Frazier" regarding George Foreman defeating Joe Frazier.

All those moments happened live on television, but also were described by the broadcaster.

Curt Schilling broadcasted games for ESPN as a color commentator from 2010 through 2016 before eventually being fired over anti-transgender comments. He was previously suspended by the network for a social media posting comparing Muslims to Nazis.

OutKick has reached out to Schilling for a response.