Miami Heat Do Right By Young Fan That Traveled Thousands Of Miles To See An Inactive Jimmy Butler

Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know when a 4,000-mile trip to see your favorite NBA star gets derailed when he's declared inactive at game time.

That was the reality for a young Miami Heat fan who flew 4,405 miles to watch Heat forward Jimmy Butler play Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics but was down in the dumps when his journey took a twist.

The young fan appeared at Miami-Dade Arena (formerly addressed as FTX Arena) an hour before the game and was notified that Butler was downgraded to inactive due to a back injury.

A video captured the young fan's real-time reaction as he was informed of the downgrade, which made him visibly upset after traveling all those miles.

The fan was holding up a sign that read, "Dear Jimmy: We flew over 4,405 miles to see you play. Can we get a photo or a big face coffee? :)"


The story was trending toward a sad ending for the young Heat'le until the team connected with the family to award the young fan a custom Jimmy Butler jersey and a basketball signed by the team.

He also took a photo with Heat player Gabe Vincent.

Miami paired their 98-95 victory over the Celtics with a win off the court.

On a real note, this happens at nearly every NBA game. Star players will often opt for a rest day and not declare it until the final minute. Sad stuff.

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