Mentalist Oz Pearlman Thoroughly Freaked Out The Seahawks

Leading up to their game against the New York Giants, the Seattle Seahawks welcomed performer Oz Pearlman to a team meeting.

Pearlman appeared on America's Got Talent and is a renowned mentalist. What's a mentalist? I'm not an expert, but I think it's a slightly more pretentious way of saying "magician."

The mentalist had a few tricks up his sleeve (and probably a bunch of stuff to help him accomplish those tricks too) in front of an amazed bunch of Seahawks.

First, he made wide receiver DK Metcalf very nervous by unlocking his phone. Nothing will make you feel more vulnerable than realizing your birthday or 0-0-0-0-0-0 passcode isn't bulletproof.

Next, Pearlman called on wide receiver Penny Hart (apparently he likes to mess with wideouts. Messing with Metcalf's phone was just the opening act for a true display of borderline sorcery.

Pearlman and Hart locked hands, with the latter told to think of somebody important in his life. He thought of his uncle Steve, and as you'd expect if you've ever seen a magic trick before, Hart's palm had the name Steve scrawled across it.

Thoroughly freaked out, Hart grabbed his stuff and hoofed it out of the Seahawks auditorium.

For his last trick, Pearlman had guard Damien Lewis and tackle Greg Eiland think of people they'd like to have dinner with.

He correctly guessed that Lewis would've liked to have shared a meal with the King of Pop.

He then had Eiland call on someone to figure out who he was thinking of and he chose receiver Cade Johnson. After a few moments of deliberation, Johnson guessed that Eiland picked Jennifer Lopez and sure enough he was right.

Did Oz Pearlman Help The Seahawks Win?

I would have thought witnessing that kind of wizardry first-hand would serve as a distraction, but the Seahawks were clearly focused on the task at hand. They showed up on Sunday and snapped the Giants' 4-game winning streak.

Could mentalist Oz Pearlman have been partly responsible for the win

There's no way to be sure, but let's hope that this just started a new Seattle tradition: game week magic.

Next week they should have a magician saw a lineman in half to keep their streak alive, or maybe David Blaine could show up and hold his breath for a couple of minutes.

Y'know, that sort of thing he likes to do when he craves attention.

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