Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Calls Kanye West's Comments 'Abhorrent'

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is as sickened by Kanye West's antisemitic comments as anyone not named Kyrie Irving. Cuban, who is Jewish, has an issue with West's remarks and questions whether the rapper/entrepreneur is in his right mind.

“I think what Kanye West said is abhorrent," Cuban said, per the Dallas Morning News. "And based on what I have read from his former family members and associates, I think he may also be mentally ill.” 

West, of course, has been on an anti-Jewish tirade for weeks now. Things seemed to start when he attacked Jews via Twitter, including one such tweet that had his account suspended: “I’m a bit sleepy tonight, but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

Since that time, West has refused to apologize for his ignorance. He's been dropped by Adidas, had his school close and lost partnerships with his sports agency.

As disgusting as West's actions have been, Cuban seems less than surprised.

“I’m Jewish. I’ve dealt with anti-Semitism my entire life,” Cuban added. “And it’s only increased exponentially via social media."

Comments From One Of Cuban's Mavs

While Mark Cuban was addressing West, he also spoke up about current Mavs player Reggie Bullock, who offered support to West on social media. Last week, Bullock responded to an Instagram post in which West was complaining about being criticized by stating: “I’m riding with you gang.”

Bullock's comment raised eyebrows, but not Cuban's.

“When they come for me, I want Reggie Bullock standing next to me," Cuban said via the Dallas Morning News.

In response to his questionable support of West, Bullock told the Dallas Morning News: “I’m sorry that the world is going through such a hard time right now with things that said and what he posted on his IG page. I’m just a fan of his and I was just supporting him, not what he said.”

Reggie Bullock Joined The Mavs Last Season

Mark Cuban stands by the 31-year-old Bullock, even if he doesn't agree with his opinion on West.

“...What I can say about Reggie is that he walks the walk when it comes to supporting disadvantaged communities and people who are discriminated against. He has also faced tragedy and death by violence among his siblings.”

Bullock, Cuban and the Mavericks will likely face at least one more day full of questions surrounding West's comments and Bullock's support. Dallas doesn't return to the court until tomorrow night when host the Utah Jazz.

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