Massive Penn State OL Commit 'Bam Bam' Williams Sends Defensive Back Into The Shadow Realm With Vicious Block

Jven Williams earned the nickname 'Bam Bam' for a reason. The massive offensive lineman is a monster.

Williams, a four-star recruit in the Class of 2023, committed to Penn State back in February. He is not expected to flip his commitment before signing day and will play for the Nittany Lions next fall.

In the meantime, he is pulverizing inferior (in terms of stature) opponents.

At 6-foot-5, 290 pounds, Williams will need to put on some weight when he gets to Happy Valley. However, in Pennsylvania, his massive frame is more than large enough to cause some damage.

That was the case on Friday night. As 3-0 Wyomissing High School renewed its Backyard Brawl rivalry with 0-3 Berks Catholic, one defensive back likely wished that they hadn't.

At some point during the first half, Wyomissing ran a jet sweep to the edge. Williams, who looks like a man amongst boys, pulled out to the right side and got out ahead of the ball.

Leading the block, Williams was out for blood and one Berks defender decided to challenge him. That was a bad idea.

The defensive back got knocked into next week and, very understandably, stayed down for awhile after absorbing the hit. It was a slobberknocker and the sound of the pads colliding sounded like an explosion.

Take a look— and listen — at Jven 'Bam Bam' Williams lay the lumber:

There is no reason that anyone should try to take on Williams when he is chugging downfield. I understand that it is admirable to try and do so, and you should always play to the whistle.

However, always might be a loose term. Especially in this instance. Wyomissing was going to score and it would have been a better business decision for the defensive back to allow them to do so.

Instead, he got clobbered by Williams and they scored anyway.