Marcellus Wiley Won't Allow Daughters To Compete Against Transgender Women: 'I Am Very Clear On This'

You won't ever see Marcellus Wiley's daughters on the field or court with transgender women.

Biological men transitioning into transgender women and playing sports has become an increasingly hot topic amid major issues. None have been bigger than Penn swimmer Lia Thomas deciding to become a transgender woman and proceeding to smoke biological women in the pool in comical fashion.

Well, you definitely won't catch Marcellus Wiley ever allowing his daughters compete against biological men, and he doesn't give a damn if you try to cancel him for that opinion.

Marcellus Wiley draws clear line in the sand.

"I have no issue with transgenders. I do have an issue with athletes who are transgendered trying to participate going from a transition to a woman and now playing with the women. And, I will say that. You all can try to Dave Chappelle me all you want. I am very clear on this. You can be a transgender. You can be the homie, but I'll be damned if a male at birth turns into a female and tries to compete against my daughters. She ain't out there. We out," the former NFL player explained in a Saturday video shared on his Twitter.

He further added that it's not a "human rights issue," but instead is a "biological issue," which is, of course, 100% accurate.

You can watch his full comments in the video below.

The transgender issue continues to be a hot debate topic.

In case you thought the transgender issue was going away, you'd be wrong. In fact, it's only becoming a bigger issue with every passing day, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

For example, The New York Times recently found its spine and published an op-ed defending J.K. Rowling for believing in basic biology.

Previously, the woke mob had done an incredible job of silencing everyone who spoke out in support of women being women, but the tide is turning.

Now, a former pro athlete is out here dropping a viral video making it clear his daughters will never be allowed to compete against biological men. Good for him. He has the guts to say what many are thinking but are too afraid to say.

Science matters. Biology matters. The fact of the matter is there's simply a difference between men and women that females can't overcome. Men are bigger, stronger, faster and, thus, represent a very real danger in a sporting event if there's even the chance of physical contact.

The gap is huge. Our women's national team once lost a scrimmage to a U-15 team in Dallas. Yes, boys not old enough to drive boat raced the best female soccer players in the world 5-2.

There's a reason why we separate sports by gender, and Wiley isn't taking any risks with his children. First, The NYT allowed a defense of Rowling and now, a major sports figure is speaking out. It does seem like the tide is turning.

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