Luke Fickell Gets Mic'd Up, Tells Players They're 'Too Busy Talking'

Wisconsin football coach Luke Fickell thinks there sometimes might be a little too much talking from his players.

Fickell hit the ground running after being hired to coach the Wisconsin Badgers, and he's wasted no time in building up the culture he wants.

That includes giving fans an inside look at recruiting and now how practices are run. Fickell got mic'd up, and he showed a lot of passion and energy fans aren't used to seeing.

He also made it clear players can communicate, but don't talk to the point you miss what's going on.

Luke Fickell sets the tone in practice.

"Hey! Too busy talking … Hey, you know what happens when you start talking? … You forget to do your job. So, sometimes they call your number, like, you can start talking. Like, you know, like, and then all of the sudden they call your number and you forget to go," Fickell explained to the squad in his mic'd up video.

He further added, "You can talk, but you gotta be able to handle it. You got to go back the next play. I'm not saying anything's wrong with that."

Wisconsin fans love this kind of energy.

This is the kind of energy and passion Wisconsin fans have been craving from the football team. Paul Chryst, while a very solid coach, never really excited the fans.

Nobody was crying when Chris McIntosh pulled the trigger on firing him. It was clear a reset was needed. Fickell was brought in to oversee that reset, and he's off to a very hot start.

For the first time in more than a decade, there is real passion and optimism being felt around the program. Fans never would have seen a video like this of Paul Chryst. It wasn't his style.

Clearly, Luke Fickell has no problem giving fans an inside look at how he runs his program.

Luke Fickell has yet to coach a regular season game, but he already has the state believing in him. That's a great sign for Badgers fans. Week one can't get here fast enough. A new era is underway in Madison. As a Wisconsin man, that has me ready to run through a wall.