Luke Fickell Calls Out Wisconsin Players In Blunt Fashion During Passionate Speech

Wisconsin football coach Luke Fickell continues to prove the old ways in Madison are dead.

Fickell was hired in a stunning change of direction last November, and he was brought in by the Badgers to conduct a complete overhaul of the football program.

Wisconsin is known for being very competitive, but after a few lackluster years, a change was needed. Luke Fickell is that change, and he's not afraid to tell Wisconsin players they simply didn't get the job done in 2022.

Luke Fickell fires up the team with a blunt speech.

"We were 1-4 last year in games decided in the fourth quarter. That's a difference in season, man. One and four in games decided in the fourth quarter. We've got a hell of a lot of work to do, and we've got a hell of a lot of work to do to finish when you get punched in the face, when you get down by 10, when you get down by 14. That's what this is about. We want to see who the dogs are when it really gets tough. Can you fight through the sh*t," Fickell told his players as bluntly as possible.

The Wisconsin coach further added the ability to gut it out and push through is "all about heart" and the team only has one objective:

"Win a f*cking championship."

Times are changing in Madison.

Luke Fickell hasn't even coached a regular season game with the Badgers yet, and it's already clear he's having a huge impact.

As a Wisconsin man, I can't ever remember the fanbase being so fired up. Wisconsin went 7-6 in 2022. It was a terrible year, and Paul Chryst lost his job after the Illinois loss.

It was a dumpster fire of a season. However, it feels like fans have already completely forgotten about it. All anyone is focused on is Luke Fickell smashing the reset button.

Week one can't get here soon enough for people in Wisconsin. The entire state is ready to erupt with Luke Fickell now in charge in Madison.