LSU's Tradition Of 'Respecting The Tiger' Creates Extremely Cool Image During Epic Field Storm After Win Over Alabama

LSU football sits atop the SEC West after Brian Kelly and the Tigers toppled Nick Saban and the mighty Crimson Tide in Baton Rouge on Saturday night. Following the win, an incredible scene proceeded to unfold on the field at Tiger Stadium.

In what was an instant SEC classic, it took more than 60 minutes to determine a winner. The game went to overtime tied at 24, Alabama got the ball first during the extra period, and a one-yard touchdown run put the visitors ahead.

However, it took just one play for LSU to answer. Tigers quarterback Jayden Daniels took the snap, tucked the rock, and scampered 25 yards into the end zone for six.

At that point, Kelly had a choice. He could kick the extra point and send the game to a second overtime period, or go for two.

The first-year head coach chose the latter and it worked.

As soon as the conversion attempt proved successful, the rowdy cajuns in attendance poured onto the field. It was a total goosebump-inducing moment as LSU fans celebrated triumph over their SEC West rivals.

Every inch of the field was covered in purple and gold, except for one gaping hole. There was a reason for the gap and it stems from a deep-rooted tradition in Baton Rouge— respecting the Tiger.

At LSU, there is one thing that must never occur outside of the 60 minutes of play. Players, coaches, opponents, fans, cheerleaders, and everybody in between must never step on the midfield logo.

LSU respects the Tiger.

Thus, as fans stormed the field in Death Valley on Saturday night, they did exactly that. If you look closely at the images from the postgame celebration, you will notice that not one single fan stepped foot on the Tiger logo at midfield.

Now, it should be noted that a group of officers eventually lined the logo, but that was on purpose. That's not something that you would see at other schools. Other field storms cover the midfield logo.

Not at LSU.

Respect the Tiger.