Lions Safety On Aaron Rodgers: 'The Way He Carries Himself, I Don't Like None Of That Sh*t'

The Green Bay Packers have been the class of the NFC North for most of the Aaron Rodgers era and since taking over as the starting QB in 2008, the reigning NFL MVP has led his team to the playoffs 12 times with a record of (12-10) in the postseason.

And while there have been plenty of letdowns, Rodgers led the Pack to a Super Bowl victory over the Steelers in 2011.

While the Packers have surged, the Lions have spent decades desperately attempting to get even a taste of wha their rivals have experienced. Detroit hasn't reached the playoffs since 2016 and possess the NFL's longest playoff drought without a win, dating back to Jan. 5, 1992.

But the 2022 campaign has been much different than previous seasons. Both teams struggled mightily early -- and somehow, some way -- have clawed back to compete in the best matchup of the regular season finale.

It's win and you're in.

Lions' Safety Deshon Elliott Isn't A Fan Of Aaron Rodgers

It should be expected to hear a little trash talk in a rivalry game with playoffs on the line, but Elliot didn't come close to mincing his words when describing his feelings about the QB he's preparing to face on Sunday night.

“The way he carries himself, I don’t like none of that sh*t," Elliott said this week.

He believes Rodgers is already looking ahead toward another postseason run and doesn't't respect Detroit.

"A-Rod doesn’t respect us, that team doesn’t respect us." "We’re going to fight our ass off, play smash mouth football.”

"I just feel like as a competitor bro, you respect everybody in this league and for you to see something or hear somebody say some wild stuff about you or your teammates, your brothers, shoot, what you going to do?" Elliott continued. "You going to lay down or you going to stand up? So we’re going to go out there and we’re going to stand up."

Rodgers made dismissive comments about the Lions after a 15.-9 loss at Ford Field in Week 9 in which he threw three interceptions, including two in the red zone.

We can't lose a game like that against that team

It was clearly a tough day for Rodgers, and it's obvious Lions' players, especially Elliott haven't forgotten.

To be fair, Rodgers didn't sound like a player who is disrespecting the 2022 version of the Lions when asked about the upcoming showdown earlier this week.

"It's not the same old Lions. They were 1-6 at one point, and they've come all the way back to 8-8. There'll be a lot on the line for both teams, and it'll be exciting to line up against them."

Whether sincere or not, Rodgers sounded like he changed his tone from his comments after the Week 8 loss. There's clearly extra fuel to the fire which should set up a fantastic primetime game on Sunday night.

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