Lenny Dykstra Tells Story About Jane Fonda To Explain How Pitch Clock Will Change Game: Curt Schilling Baseball Show

Will the MLB's pitch clock throw hitters off their groove? Famed Mets center fielder Lenny 'Nails' Dykstra told Curt Schilling on OutKick's "The Curt Schilling Baseball Show" that the sped-up tempo may knock some guys off balance and used an old story involving Jane Fonda as proof that every hitter needs his routine.

With the MLB integrating their brand-new pitch clock for 2023 and beyond, Schilling — in the second episode for the OutKick network, which will be available in full Tuesday morning — spoke with Dykstra over the immediate challenges that the pitch clock will have on batters.

Every Hitter Has His Routine, Says Dykstra

MLB's new rules, meant to speed up games, grant pitchers 15 seconds to pitch the ball with the bases empty or 20 seconds with the bases occupied. It also makes the hitter be in the box and ready to bat with eight seconds left on the clock.


While Schilling argued that any pitcher worth their salt already adopts a quick tempo in their game, Dykstra noted that a personal routine played an important role in his career, which would be impossible to replicate under the new pitch clock.

When asked about the effect on batters, Dykstra responded,

"Bad. I mean, look, you're talking to a guy that, remember, when I led off a game on the road, at that moment in time, I controlled everything. So when we used to play Atlanta, I see a long sweeping walk and start right in front of Ted Turner and Jane Fonda.

"I'd stare right into Jane Fonda's eyes. And I'd say some things that you probably shouldn't say on air. But everyone has tradition and people are yelling, "get in the box, get in the box" and I'd be like, you know what I'd say ... "

The three-time All-Star knew how to irritate pitchers by wisely using his time on the walk up.

"You don't get voted the 'most hated player' at least five years in a row without doing these kind of thing. But I was voted the most hated player because I made the other guy's job harder."

The complete second episode of The Curt Schilling Baseball Show will be available on Tuesday morning.

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