Lane Kiffin Takes Not-So-Subtle Jab At Texas A&M's Money

Lane Kiffin believes Texas A&M's strategy to acquire talent is very simple.

The Aggies are currently 3-4 and on the brink of collapse, but that doesn't mean a ton of money hasn't been invested into the program. Jimbo Fisher's deal is worth $95 million over 10 years, and there was an entire feud involving Nick Saban over alleged NIL deals used so that Aggies could sign the top recruiting class.

Well, Kiffin reminded Wednesday A&M's best strategy is to just throw money at problems, including snatching defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin from Ole Miss.

"We got out bid. Kind of common theme with that program," Kiffin told the media Wednesday about Durkin leaving the Rebels for the Aggies.

It's truly staggering the amount of money the Aggies have and yet, the team just can't get the job done.

Fisher is in his fifth year with the program, and Texas A&M is as bad as fans have ever seen under Jimbo's leadership.

It just goes to show that having the most money doesn't guarantee you anything.

Lane Kiffin isn't the first person to take a shot at Texas A&M over money.

Kiffin is also not the first person to bring up money and Texas A&M. Unless you live under a rock, Jimbo and Saban got into a massive blow up after the Alabama coach claimed the Aggies bought and paid for their entire recruiting class.

While Lane Kiffin didn't expand on his "common theme with that program" comment, there's no doubt he also meant NIL. In order for something to be "common," it can't just happen once or twice. Hard to believe Fisher's contract and whatever Durkin is making motivated his comment alone.

While Ole Miss might not be as rich as Texas A&M, the product on the football field is substantially better. The Rebels are 7-1, and could definitely finish the regular season with nine or more wins. The same absolutely can't be said of Texas A&M.

Again, turns out football is one of the few things in life where spending money doesn't solve everything.