Lane Kiffin Rumors Set Twitter On Fire

Twitter has been on absolute fire since Monday night thanks to Lane Kiffin.

Following a report from Jon Sokoloff that the Ole Miss coach was headed to Auburn, a battle (and some trolling) kicked off on the social media platform.

Kiffin himself even got in on the fun and really sparked things off with multiple troll tweets.

In one of the rare examples of when social media is unbeatable, Twitter erupted with awesome reactions to the report, which Lane Kiffin clearly denied.

Honestly, it's moments like these when we remember just how much fun social media is supposed to be. The Osama Bin Laden raid photo legit had me laughing out loud.

Social media is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be entertaining. That's the goal, and Monday night was the most fun night on Twitter maybe all football season long, outside of Tennessee upsetting Alabama.

Takes were flying all over the place, and Lane Kiffin was doing everything possible to stir the pot.

Who will Auburn ultimately hire? Time will tell, but given Lane Kiffin's timeline last night, it's hard to imagine he can go now. If he does, we're in for a Twitter experience I would gladly pay money for. What an awesome night for the college football world.