Lane Kiffin Responds To Auburn Rumors After Humiliating Loss

Lane Kiffin doesn't think he should be Auburn's top target after getting dominated by Arkansas.

Ole Miss got absolutely shellacked by the Razorbacks to the tune of 42-27, and as OutKick's Glenn Guilbeau noted, the Rebels looked like a team that was playing knowing they were losing their coach. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Lane Kiffin is a top target for the Auburn Tigers.

After his team's performance Saturday, he doesn't know if he should be.

"I don't know that stuff out there -- number one stuff. Maybe if they watched the first half (vs. Arkansas) I wouldn't be number one anymore then," Kiffin told the media after the embarrassing loss.

He also said he's "very excited about the future" in Oxford.

It was an absolutely brutal night for Lane Kiffin and the Rebels. At one point in the third quarter, Ole Miss was down 42-6.

We're talking about a team that had been 8-1 just a couple weeks ago. Hell, Lane Kiffin took Alabama to the wire last weekend.

His team followed up that gutsy performance by getting absolutely boat raced by Sam Pittman's team. Now, he's not sure if he should even be Auburn's top target.

Does Saturday night change anything for Lane Kiffin or Auburn?

Now, let's have a quick reality check. Nothing that happened Saturday night should make a difference for Kiffin or the Tigers.

One bad loss - a competitive SEC West team - isn't going to knock Kiffin out of job consideration. It's just not going to happen.

If Auburn wants him, they will go after him. This changes absolutely none of that.

Will Lane Kiffin pull up roots and jump ship? That remains to be seen, but nothing in the past day should change any of the calculus.