Lane Kiffin Reportedly Tells Ole Miss Players His Future Plans

Lane Kiffin reportedly informed Ole Miss players he's likely sticking with the program moving forward.

There has been serious speculation on whether or not Kiffin will jump ship to take the Auburn job, and as of Wednesday night, he plans on sticking where he is.

The head coach of the Rebels informed his players last night he would remain in Oxford, unless something significant changed in the immediate future, according to also reported "the buzz around the program" is the same as what reported.

Previously, Kiffin shot down a report that he was going to Auburn, and the situation absolutely lit social media on fire.

He also informed players earlier in the week that he hadn't accepted a different job at that time. This time, he's reportedly been even clearer with his intentions for the future.

Unless something incredibly drastic changes with Auburn or Ole Miss, Kiffin has reportedly informed individuals tied to the program that he's made the decision to stick in Oxford.

What does the future hold for Lane Kiffin?

Now, it's incredibly important to note that this situation is the definition of being fluid. As we all know, things can change without any warning when it comes to the coaching carousel.

Even in's own report, Lane Kiffin did hedge a bit. He reportedly told players he plans on staying, unless something big changes.

What could be a big enough change to trigger a different outcome? That seems like an unknown, but it probably revolves around money. Most things in life revolve around money, and college football is definitely not an exception.

The Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Mississippi State kicks tonight at 7:00 EST. Fans will likely have a much clearer picture of what to expect once the sun is down tonight. As of right now, #KiffinWatch is definitely still on. Make sure to keep checking to OutKick for the latest updates as we have them.