Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss Savagely Dunk All Over UCLA After Chip Kelly Freaks Out About False Tweet

Chip Kelly doesn't want UCLA football to be known as 'Transfer U,' but Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss are embracing that title. As a result, the Bruins and their head coach got absolutely owned by the Rebels and their head coach.

Earlier this week, UCLA football tweeted out a graphic that declared itself as the Transfer University. It stated that the program had successfully utilized more transfer players since 2020 than any other school in the nation. It claimed that it had started 20 transfer players and listed Arizona State, Ole Miss, Rutgers and Florida State below.

In response to the graphic, Kelly completely panicked during a press conference the next day. When asked about the title of 'Transfer U,' the fifth-year head coach of the Bruins quickly backed off.

"That shouldn’t have gone up," Chip Kelly said. "That was a mistake the head coach saw, and when I saw it, I said, 'That’s a mistake.'"

The reason behind Kelly's quick retreat stemmed from the message that it might send to high school recruits. Why would a top prospect want to play for a school that continues to bring in and start transfers over the players who went through the "traditional" recruiting process?

Kelly did not feel as though the graphic represented what the program is all about in terms of blending high schoolers with transfer in recruiting. Unknowing about how Twitter and social media works, he was asked whether the graphic would remain up.

Do people go back and look at it afterward?” Kelly responded to the reporter who asked whether the message would be removed. “I’m not in that world, so if you want it off, I’ll take it off.”

Sure enough, UCLA's 'Transfer U' tweet was deleted not long thereafter.

As the drama unfolded in Westwood, Lane Kiffin and the Rebels decided to set the record straight.

UCLA claimed that it was the 'Transfer U' and then Kelly quickly tucked tail. On the flip side, Ole Miss embraced the title and buried the Bruins six feet under.

The social media and design team in Oxford cooked up an incredible graphic of its own. It played off of UCLA's graphic, corrected the false numbers about the amount of transfer starters and took the 'Transfer U' title away from the Pac-12 program in the process.

And then, unlike Kelly, Kiffin made it clear that he isn't shying away from his use of the portal. He tweeted out his recipe to success, which included both elite high schoolers and high-level transfers.

Absolutely brutal look out of Los Angeles. Not only did UCLA get its facts wrong while claiming a title that its head coach ran from, but Ole Miss proceeded to make them look foolish. To make the rebuttal even more vicious, the Rebels even tagged the Bruins in the tweet.