Lane Kiffin Celebrates Ole Miss Analyst Who Took Out Fellow Coach's Ankles With Nasty Juke During Practice

Lane Kiffin has built one of the best staffs in college football down in Oxford. From top to bottom, from defensive coordinator to grad assistant, Ole Miss has some of the smartest, most energetic and talented people in the country.

Among them is former Alabama tight end Michael Nysewander.

Nysewander, who played for the Crimson Tide from 2011 through 2015, was coached by Kiffin during his tenure as offensive coordinator from 2014 through 2016. They have been connected ever since.

When Kiffin left for Florida Atlantic in 2017, Nysewander came with him. And then when Kiffin took the job with the Rebels, Nysewander joined him in Mississippi.

While at Alabama, Nysewander was given the nickname 'Highway 46' because he wore No. 46 and consistently cleared a path for the running backs as a lead blocker.

“Everything that a football player or a competitor should be," Kiffin said about his tight end after a win over LSU in 2015. "He’s just one of those throwback players to me. You’ve got to love him. I get a smile on my face every time I talk about him. He’s just a tough grinder. He does a really good job for us on special teams and he’s a very productive fullback.

Michael Nysewander has still got it.

Kiffin is known for getting his staff involved during practices. He often holds softball games that pit the offensive staff against the defensive staff and often lines up staffers in 1-on-1s.

At the tail end of fall camp, Nysewander absolutely bullied his opponent.

During practice on Monday, he did it again. He put QB staff member Fisher Ray in a blender and took his ankles in the process. Kiffin had ALL kinds of jokes.

In response to the vicious juke that sent the Ole Miss players and coaches into a frenzy, Nysewander had only one thing to say.

"Attack the rep or let it attack you!"

It's safe to say that Nysewander attacked the rep. SHEESH!