Lane Kiffin Addresses Auburn Rumors With Ole Miss Players

Lane Kiffin is doing his best to keep Ole Miss players calm as rumors engulf the program.

Kiffin is reportedly Auburn's top target, but as of Wednesday morning, there's been no concrete information made public that an offer of any kind has been made. Kiffin also mocked a report that he was leaving the Rebels for the Tigers.

Now, he addressed the situation with his team and told players Tuesday that he hasn't accepted a job at another school, according to ESPN.

"He told the players his focus was on Mississippi State and nothing else and that any reports out there about his accepting another offer were totally false," a source told the network.

Ole Miss plays Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl Thursday night.

What does the future hold for Lane Kiffin?

Rumors have been swirling about Lane Kiffin going to Auburn ever since Bryan Harsin was fired, and things have reached a deafening point in the past couple weeks.

As soon as Lane Kiffin publicly roasted a report he was leaving for Auburn, things officially went off the rails.

Now, all eyes are on him to see what he'll do as soon as the Egg Bowl is over. Will he leave? Will he stay? Can Ole Miss get a new deal done? Will Auburn throw a bank vault at him?

As of Wednesday morning, nobody seems to know. Given the chaos surrounding the Rebels, it was probably a wise move for Kiffin to address the situation with his team.

Lane Kiffin's future is without question the biggest story in college football right now. Make sure to keep checking back for the latest updates as we have them at OutKick. #KiffinWatch is officially underway.