Lamar Jackson Visits Young Fan With Heart Condition

Good guy, Lamar Jackson.

Prepare to feel like someone is cutting onions next to you.

The Baltimore Ravens traveled to the Big Easy to take on the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. Before the game, the Ravens quarterback had a very important meeting (no, it wasn't to talk about a contract extension).

Jackson surprised Landon, a young Ravens fan from Mississippi who's battling a heart condition. Landon's dad captured the moment Jackson walked in and surprised his son.

Landon was so pumped to see Lamar Jackson in the flesh that he ran over, gave him a massive bear hug, and burst into tears.

"He's making my day," Jackson said. "Wipe your tears, man."

Landon's Dad Contacted The Ravens To Set Up A Meeting With Jackson

The meeting was set up after Landon's dad, Jason Berry, who emailed both the Saints and the Ravens to see if he could score a meeting with his son's favorite player.

Sure enough, they made it happen, and Landon had an experience he won't soon forget.

"My heart melted because I knew I was going to be able to fulfill my son's dream," Berry wrote on social media, "What an unbelievable experience for Landon (one we know he will NEVER forget)."

The team made sure that Landon got some souvenirs from his trip to the Caesars Superdome including a signed ball and a signed jersey. He also got to meet a few more Ravens down on the field,

To make the night complete, the Ravens wound up beating the Saints 27-13. That win helped the Ravens stay atop the AFC North.

Jackson threw for 133 and a touchdown and also used his feet for another 82 yards.

Great stuff from Jackson and the Ravens hooking Landon up. Seems like they got a significant boost from having him in attendance. I mean, they're 1-0 with him in the building.

Let's call it the "Landon Effect."

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