Lamar Jackson Gets In Heated Exchange With Offensive Lineman

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson got fired up with a lineman Monday night against the Saints.

During the fourth quarter of the 27-13 win for Baltimore, the dual-threat QB appeared to exchange some incredibly intense words with lineman Brandon Stanley following a delay of game penalty.

Stanley appeared to try to calm Jackson down before the two got face to face. Ultimately, teammates separated them.

After the game, Jackson made it clear everything is good with Stanley and "we are going to do that sometimes."

While people love digging into everything negative like it's the Zapruder film, nobody should overreact about this situation.

Football is a passionate sport. Sometimes, tensions and tempers flare, especially after a mistake happens late in the game.

If guys aren't angry, they probably don't care enough.

At the end of the day, winning is all that matters. Winning solves everything. Now, the Ravens are 6-3 and chugging along.

A brief dustup will soon be forgotten. It probably already is by everyone in the locker room.

No need to make this a massive deal. Players sometimes get fired up. It's a positive sign. Not something to criticize.

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